Pet boarding rates and policies

Their “home away from home” for Seattle area pets

For over 40 years, families in Kent and the entire Seattle area have trusted Soos Creek Kennels to care for their 4 legged family. 

Conveniently located

Conveniently located just minutes from I-5, I-405, Hwy 167, Hwy 18 and just across the valley from SeaTac airport, our staff of animal lovers will pamper your pets as if they were their own.

Seattle pets pampered here

When you're away, you'll feel better knowing your pet is on a vacation too being cared for by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. In addition to your pet's boarding, you can also add extra walks, playtimes and snuggle sessions to spoil your loved one even more.

Deposit Policy

$100 non-refundable deposit per pet may be required for all stays involving national and school holidays. If you have been required to pay a deposit, please remember that it is non-refundable.

Boarding Rates for dogs

(Discounts for families with multiple pets staying in run together)

10' Run

1st pet $42

2nd pet $32

3rd pet $22

14' Run

1st pet $44

2nd pet $34

3rd pet $24

30' Run

1st pet $48

2nd pet $38

3rd pet $28

Extra activities

Spoil your dog with some extra attention and fun!

Bring your pets favorite treat for a midday snack and extra attention.

Even more important, don't forget to do them and yourself a favor and have them bathed before heading home.


$1215 minute stroll through our 7 wooded acres ✱


$1215 minute romp off leash in a fenced play yard with a SCK staff member ✱


$1215 minute snuggle time cuddling with a SCK staff member ✱

Dog run details

Our dog runs are divided into 3 sizes with each run being 4' wide. Our 10' and 14' runs each have a 4' x 4' inside area where your pet sleeps at night and it contains their bed, food, water and comfort items.

Our largest 30' long runs are like the other runs but have a 5' indoor area for bigger dogs or multiple dogs from the same family.

All dogs are secured inside at night for greater warmth, comfort and safety.

Runs are heated and cooled so your pooch will be comfortable even when the weather outside is not!

Safe and sanitized

Our dog runs are concrete for safety and sanitation.  Our staff washes and disinfects them daily along with picking up after your pet at least 4 times a day.

On the inside, each run is divided by concrete block for your dog's safety, comfort and privacy.

On the outside, a 20" high concrete barrier protects each guest from the 'activities' of their neighbor so there's no contamination and it's quieter too.

Fencing keeps each run secure and fiberglass roofing outside allows natural light into each guest's quarters so they can bask in the warmth of the sun and dream of chasing rabbits, squirrels and mice for the kittens.

     ✱ All activities are 1 on 1 with a SCK member. Activities are based on 15 minutes. SCK may adjust activity times if needed due to circumstances and demand.

Cats love to lounge in our cozy cattery

The Cattery is located in our back yard-away from the dog kennels for greater comfort and quiet. It's a wood framed cottage-like building with 1" chain link fencing. 

Each kennel inside has a 5' tall cat tower with 2 hidey holes to escape into and nap or several shelves for lounging-cats LOVE this! Our cat runs have a secured outside area for them to step out and watch life go by while they hear the birds, smell the trees and breathe fresh air.

cat boarding

Cattery rates

1st cat $32

2nd cat $24

3rd cat $18

Give your cat the extra attention they deserve and want?

Playtime $12 (30 minutes playing in our cat lounge) ✱

Cuddle time $12 (15 minutes playing with a SCK employee in the lounge) ✱

Grooming (price varies) Top off their visit by having a luxurious spa treatment


✱ All activities are 1 on 1 with a SCK member. Activities are based on 15 or 30 minutes. SCK may adjust activity times if needed due to circumstances and demand.

dog boarding Kent WA

A day at Soos Creek Kennels

A typical day at our facility has our staff interacting with our lovable guests (your pets) in many ways throughout the day. 

From feeding time and cleaning up after them to giving out treats to grooming to walks and special playtimes, our animal loving staff is constantly talking and petting them--you know--giving them the attention they crave.

Vaccinations and medications

A printed current vaccination record from your Veterinarian is required and for the health of all pets, no exceptions can be made.

DOGS: Rabies, Bordetella (must ask for) Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza (these last four may read like DHPP or similar)

SCK highly recommends the canine influenza vaccine for dogs.

CATS:Rabies, Feline Leukemia (must ask for), Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Chlamydophilia, Panleukopenia (these last four may read like FVRCP or similar)

It's important for our customers to know that we work hard to keep our facility clean.  Our Kennels are washed out daily and picked up at least 4 times a day while fresh air is circulated to minimize the risk of airborne viruses.

Even with all these measures, your animal can become ill.  Often times it's a combination of things (change in water/food, stress from being left, contact with other animals) and while upset stomachs or strained voices usually pass in a few days, contacting your Veterinarian is always a good idea.

Does your dog or cat cleverly hide or spit out medication?

Our staff will administer medication and treatments with your vet's prescription, of course.

  • $5.00 per day for pills
  • $10.00 per day for shots, creams, drops, sprays, etc.

Why choose Soos Creek Kennels for your precious pet?

  • 60 dog runs and 8 catteries = less than 12 pets per staff member, better than private school
  • On-site residence offers around-the-clock monitoring
  • Free pre-stay for new customers to help them adjust
  • Discounts for Seniors (65 and over), active duty Military personnel, active duty First Responders, and extended stays
  • Boarding for most exotic pets (birds, guinea pigs, iguanas, fish, etc.), $20.00 per day, varies by species.
  • All these add up to the best care, attention and protection for your pets.

Special note for Senior Pets

Growing old is inevitable, their years of devotion deserves our utmost respect and care. Senior pets hold a special place in our hearts, we have all been there personally.

Over the years we have handled all manners of senior conditions and we will make every effort to insure that your best friend is comfortable and well-loved during their stay with us.

As a precaution and with respect for your senior pet and to better provide for your wishes, you may be asked to fill out a senior pet Health Care Directive. The health care directive will allow you to give us direction in what steps we should take if why in our care your senior pet should need medical attention.

The health care directive is there for you, your pet and everyone’s peace of mind. If you feel your pet is a senior or has health concerns that warrant a health care directive, then please fill one out. Soos Creek Kennels may require one is filled out for your pet if they have any concerns regarding your pets age or health.

For your convenience, you may print a Health Care Directive form for your pet here.

Click here to Download: Health Care Directive

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Stop by for a tour

Tours are offered Monday through Friday during business hours, Saturdays (except during holiday periods) and no tours on Sundays. Tours with new people get our guests wound up and for that reason to minimize stress, we don't do them when we're busy so please call in advance if you want a tour. Your pet will benefit from our tour policy during their stay-less stress.

Never boarded before? Do a free pre-stay!

When a new customer makes a reservation, we invite their pet to come and stay with us for a few hours for free. This helps pets become familiar with the activity, noise and smells in our facility and (most importantly) understand that they were not abandoned-their 'human" is going to return. 

This goes a long way to making their real stay more successful. Most kennels do not offer this trial service but we're no ordinary kennel.  FYI-the pre-stay should be done as close to the actual reservation as possible so the memory is still fresh when your pet arrives for its real stay.

Exotic pets welcome too!

We don't just look after dogs and cats.  Over the years, we have boarded all kinds of beloved family pets, including birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, iguanas, ferrets, even fish. 

Please call if you're interested in having us look after your exotic pet.

  • $20.00 per day, varies by species.

Fees based on hotel-style day

The 1st day begins when you check your pet in (nice part is unlike hotels you can check-in with us at 9:00 am) and runs until when your pet checks-out. To avoid being charged for another day, you must have your pet checked out by 12:00 noon Monday - Saturday. Everyone pays for Sundays and Holidays.

Free day with Grooming

If your pet has been bathed or groomed on its last day with us, your pet is considered checked out at noon-even if you don't pick them up until later.  Think of it as if you had dropped your bags at the front desk and asked them to hold them while you went to get a haircut before catching your flight, same idea!

  • 10% discount for Seniors (65 and over), active duty Military personnel, and active duty First Responders
Length of Stay Discounts
  • Pets staying 15 days or more receive 10% off on their boarding cost.
  • 30 days or more get 20% off on their boarding cost.

Please note: discounts may not be combined.

Soos Creek Kennels

Miscellaneous Services

  • Nails $11.00, w/Dremel $17.00
  • Additional Feedings $4.00 (each additional pet same kennel $2.00)
  • Pills $5.00 per day
  • All Other Medications $10.00 per day
  • Anal Glands $15.00
  • Teeth brushing $10.00
  • Flea Treatment $20, $25, $30, $35 (topical treatment, Advantage II)

SCK strives to maintain the lowest possible prices for our customers that allow us to still provide the quality care that has made us the #1 recommended Kennel in South East King County.

What to expect when you pick up your pet

All pets (especially dogs) get excited when their routine changes and going home after a stay at the kennel is exhilarating.  We know how much you love your animals so here's some things which are common and not a cause to worry.

Extra thirsty

Excitement causes dogs to pant.  This results in a loss of body water so your dog may drink a lot more water upon returning home. It's best to monitor their consumption and know that it'll soon return to normal.  Remember-drinking more means they'll need to GO more so extra trips outside are a good idea.

Tired puppy

The excitement of the kennels combined with increased activity during their stay makes primarily dogs tired (the cats do a lot of lounging) so don't be surprised if your pet sleeps more for a few days.

Weight loss

Some boarders lose weight during boarding because they are more active.  Please do not be alarmed; feed your pet their usual amount and gradually their weight will go back to normal.

Boarding policies

Read this to make your pet's stay even better!

Deposit Policy

$100 non-refundable deposit per pet may be required for all stays involving national and school holidays. If you have been required to pay a deposit, please remember that it is non-refundable.

Blankies and toys welcome

We invite customers to bring their pets' special bedding and toys (food too) as we know they provide comfort and lessen stress.  Please note--we do not accept comforters, quilts or heavy blankets. Why? We wash everything before each pet goes home (and as needed during their stay) and since a comforter can be a whole load in itself, we simply have too many pets to get all that washing done.

Did you schedule their bath?

Even though we work hard to keep our facilities clean, dogs still pick up odors so if you have a long-haired dog, you should consider scheduling a bath after a stay or 2 or more days.  For a short-haired dog, a bath is recommended after 4 days or more.  Of course, many of our clients schedule a bath for their dog after every stay so they'll come home smelling fresh and ready for your car and home!

Feeding time-Best time of the day Yummmm!

Dogs and cats have sensitive stomachs and a quick change in diet-even for a short period can cause upset stomachs.  Combine that with a change in environment and it can get messy.  For that reason we highly recommend you bring your own food because your pet will do better if they stay on their own food.

Bring only enough food for the stay and have it in a sealable container (like Tupperware or Ziploc bags). PLEASE, don't bring special food, treats or bones your pet has not had before as these can really cause a mess (if you know what we mean).

Treats are always welcome and are given throughout the day (Raw bones, Rawhides and Greenies are not allowed).

Please note: Pets under 6 months and over 10 years are required to be on their own food.

Room service for your pet? 

The price of boarding includes a morning feeding but if your pet needs to have special meals or extra feedings, bring the special diet or food and we'll be happy to feed your pet according to your instructions.  There's a $4.00 charge per additional feeding with a maximum of 2 additional feedings per day.

Please keep in mind that any food fed in the morning (if it goes unfinished) remains with your pet until the late afternoon; allowing them to eat at their leisure if that is their nature, at a later time.


Since we are located near a residential area, we cannot board excessive barkers.  If your dog(s) barks too much while at our kennel, unfortunately we will not be able to allow your dog to return for boarding in the future. Arrangements can be made if you provide a bark collar.


For the protection of your pet, our staff and all boarders in our care; aggressive animals will not be boarded, daycare, groomed or trained at Soos Creek Kennels.  We're sorry but should your pet show any signs of aggression while in our care, your pet will not be allowed to return.

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