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Dogs and Owners in Seattle and all of the greater King County area love Dan's Doggie Boot Camp  

Your dog is a part of your family and having an obedient dog makes life less stressful for everyone in your family-including your dog.  All dogs, big or little, like knowing their place in their family (pack), this understanding provides them with the comfort to settle into their role and responsibility within their family. Proper Obedience also relieves them of their natural tencency to compete for pack leader.

Training at Soos Creek Kennel has always been Dan's domain.  He literally learned to walk leaning on a dog-the start of his lifetime ambition to raise, show, compete and train dogs. 

All classes are taught by him, whether it's a Basic Obedience class, Puppy Kindergarten or Conformation class for aspiring Show dogs and their owner/handlers. 

dog training
dog training Dan Overstreet

Dan's dog training philosophy

His no-nonsense method of training was dubbed Doggie Boot Camp as it combines his Marine Corps background with a lifetime of knowledge and learning canine behavior and animal social relationship and pack roles. 

It also recognizes the necessity to develop and honor a dog's need for a pack leader. Trust, respect and consistency are essential, the foundation is built on the tradition of knowing when to correct and when to praise and reward, getting beyond the corrections is the first priority.

Better techniques

Dan's use of 'dog understandable techniques' in his training results in a more obedient dog, which makes them a more socially acceptable community member.  He believe this ultimately means less pets will end up in shelters because of behavioral issues.

* Dan is not taking new clients at this time *
dog training
Group Training

A Puppy Kindergarten class and a Basic Obedience class will be offered at SCK on most Thursday nights. 

Please call for the current schedule and pricing of these group classes.

dog training
Private Obedience Training

Lessons can take place at our facility or the client's house.

The price is $75.00/session, which can last up to 1 hour.  If traveling to the client's house, there is a travel charge of $15.00 per 15 minutes. 

dog training
Private Conformation Training

These lessons for dog show handlers and their dogs are at the SCK facility. 

The price is $75.00/session and can last up to one hour. Call and ask about "Drop-in" lessons?!?

dog training
In-House Obedience Training at SCK

Prices are varied for these board-and-train sessions.  If your dog stays one week (7 days), the price is $1500.00.  For 2 weeks (14 days), the price is $2600.00. 

These prices include boarding, training and equipment fees. These costs also include 2 follow-up sessions to train the owners to communicate effectively with their dog.

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Did you know...

half of all shelter dogs could have been avoided if people had gotten advice BEFORE buying that little puppy in the window?

Breed Consultation for Seattle area families

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility and we want to prevent people from making the mistake of getting a dog that isn't a good fit for them and/or their family.   For that reason, Dan offers a Breed Consultation services for $250-it will be the best money you'll ever spend.

With over 45 years spent training, showing, working and living with all kinds of dogs, Dan has a vast understanding of dogs, breeds and breeders which he puts to use when recommending the right dog for your family.  He can match energy levels, temperament, style and coat/fur just to name a few parameters of breeds with your family members for a great match.

Rent our training room

The SCK Training facility can be rented to private parties and clubs for special events, seminars or group practice sessions for $75/hour (inquire for non-profit groups).

We welcome professional canine clubs, cocktail hours, doggie birthday parties or any other pet occasion. Rooms are available during the day, evening and weekends-call for availability.